Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crochet Baby Hat, ufos finished .. Lake Michigan!

Well, I am not much for words .. so let's get straight to the pictures...

Here's a picture of the baby hat I had started in the last post .. i had the band done in the multi - I added white to it in order to finish off the baby hat.

It's kinda cute uh?

After that,I was able to get some time to finish a few ufos that had been sitting around ..

On this one, I only had to add a button .. why did it take me so long to add a simple button?  I think it will be for someone else..... not sure what I would use it for, not my style... but it is very pretty. Or if anyone wants to buy this one .. tell me what it's worth to you and we can make a deal! :)

This other bag, I had the base crocheted for the longest time .. and the handles were crocheted as well, although they weren't attached.  A month or two ago, I lined it with fabric.  Then it sat .. and I finally finished the handles by ading a strip of fabric to strengthen them and added a button closure as well .. I think this is a bit pretty .. What do you think? 

Last of my crafty show and tell today .. I finished an embroidery piece! :)  I got the pattern here, and used it on a dishtowel.  Not too shabby! 
Anyway .. had a lot of fun having these things completed.. I'm currently working on a jean wallet for my son.  I'm hoping he will like it .. and that it turns out the way I want it to .. if successful, I'll write a tute for this blog :)  It has embroidery on it as well .. I have so much floss stash, figured I should use it .. :)

As an extra special treat, I thought I'd share this photo of myself .. rarely is there a photo of me that I feel "doesn't suck" .. so .. here you go .. a not sucky photo ..

I'm the only one of my family that was brave enough to put her feet in Lake Michigan this past weekend... :)  The water was very cold .. but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Betty C said...

Your hats and bags are really nice. Your picture is very nice too. That is really a big Lake! At first I thought it was the ocean.