Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've finished two sewing items! :)

I've been back on a sewing kick lately. Since I haven't sewn (really) in a few years, atleast not more then general mending ... I am slower then I used to be. I'm trying to concentrate on finishing a project that's been hanging around, and doing a few new smaller projects in between.

Here's a project I just finished. I've been meaning to make this for a year or more, had the fabric, but just hadn't started. Seth wanted/needed a new bag for carrying his multitude of books and I figured a messenger bag would be a good style.

Here is him showing off his bag. I think he's happy with it.

And a close up of inside the bag. There is a short zippered pocket on the inside - big enough for some pens/pencils, etc... Ended up a little lower then I anticipated, but then again, I made the bag deeper and the flap shorter at the last couple of steps.

And lastly, an Easter bag that I've had started for atleast a year ! ... lol ..

I finally attached the handles, and used the scraps to make a small wallet. The snaps on the wallet gave me fits, It took me three times to attach the pearl side of the button. But persistance paid off and I have it finished and ready to go into the gifty pile.

I happy with this progress. My next project is to try to finsih a quilt top that I got from my good friend Kasey. I think I will be able to make a larger baby quilt, and a table runner with the blocks in this set. I'll post pics when I'm done :)

Also - Joel has asked for a messenger bag of his own! :) I'll have to work on that as well this week.

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