Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

I think I want to make one of these:

I have 9 tabs .. think I'll probably need 13-14 .. anyone want to save some for me? We don't drink out of cans that often :(

If you want to save pop tabs for me, then leave your email and I will send you my address :)

Confession . . .

My confession - I didn't actually get any knitting or crochet or sewing done last night. I did do some reading :) We watched Dancing with the Stars finale and a Stargate SG! and a bit of Wheel of Fortune .. reverse order that :) .. anyway .. It was an ok night... Had Farmer's Delight Pasta .. better on mashed potatoes, but I don't have any potatoes, so pasta it was .. that's pasta, ground turkey (or beef or whatever), cream of chicken soup, a little water, can of corn, and cheese. Everything's better with cheese.! I usually add onion or garlic in some form as well.

Today is home inspection day. Our appointment is at 3 pm I'm anxiously watching the clock, and I think it's stopped! While dh and the inspector are doing their inspection thing, I'll be videotaping through the house so that I can show my parents and sister etc the house layout, and I'll be putting down room measurements so that I can plan out where I want to put the furniture, etc.

I've been working on home videos and work videos today as well .. more home then work, but it all needs to get done.

Such a gloomy day today .. rainy and windy and not May temperatures! .. going to be cold going outside.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Provisional CastOn - Knitting

I'm posting this mainly so that I know where to find it later, but also because I thought someone else might want to find it! :)

Duck Tape + Candy Bar = Bag ?

Found this really kewl video on one of the blogs I follow - Textiles 4 You .com .. and .. well, it's a neat way to use duct tape and candy wrappers or any type of graphic paper.

Videos Videos PO and more Videos

Well, today so far I've been doing a lot of video work, both personal and work related.

I started the day my usual way with taking a look at facebook while I ate breakfast and reading my email, and then I was going to capture the homeschool group's Share Fair video so that I could make dvds and deliver them this weekend.  I got sidetracked a little by work related video/training/cd burning .. but that didnt' take too long .. but I do still need to put in my time on the timesheet for that .. anyway ... after that I did get the video captured and I have the movie rendered .. now just need to render the dvd files, and burn a half dozen copies. Then I have to remember to bring them with me this weekend! :)

The boys and I dropped off the earnest money at the realtor, and then went to the PO and to the library.  Does anyone else end up taking more out of the library than they return to it? lol.  We had only a 1/4 bag full to return, but we have more than a bag full coming home!  The boys got some books, some Nintendo Power magazines, and graphic novels ..and I got a biography by Marie Osmond as well as some Taste of Home magazines and a Mary Mary cd .. and a couple of other books which I had placed on hold.
Not sure we'll get time to read all of what we got, but we love books, so I suppose we might.

I'm going to try to finish the Share Fair DVDs this afternoon yet, and then hopefully get a little sewing or knitting/crochet in tonight .. probably knitting, as I recently picked up a project that had been sitting .. it's sort of a shawl/cardigan ... Hopefully it will look better after it's blocked, as I'm not really liking it right now. :(

Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning Update

Well, it's been a weekend! lol .. I wanted to say eventful, but there was only a couple of events..

On Saturday morning we made an offer on a house, and fully expected it to be countered, but by Saturday evening, we got a call saying the sellers had accepted the offer.  So, we will move into our new WI house by the end of June.  We got a heck of a deal :) so we are happy with that, although now we are praying that the IA house will sell quickly. 

The new house has lots of plantings, and a small but nice back patio where we will be able to watch birds and other wildlife that happen by.

Also - we went on a bike ride on Sunday.  They have here a InterUrban Trail that goes from the northern suburbs of milwaukee all the way up to Belgium and further north as well .. and so we did a small portion of that.  We parked at the Aquatic Center here in Grafton, and biked up about 2.75 miles and then back. We have to estimate because we forgot to bring our bike odometers.  It was a nice ride, and since I was sleeveless, I got a little bit of red on my shoulders, but not bad.  It was very windy and so not too hot even though it was in the upper 70's supposedly.  After the bike ride, dh treated us to McDonald's,and I was able to get another Frozen Strawberry Lemonade ..boy are those good!  I prefer that to ice cream now.  The boys and dh had ice cream.. but I loved my lemonade.

For today I have a bunch of video work to do first thing, and then try to clean up the apartment and finish capturing my sister's vhs tapes.  Then before Thursday I will need to grab the parts of her videos that I want to keep for myself before I return her hard drive to her this weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Ladybug's Creations: May Freebie! Crosses of Ryan & Tarah BOM Block 1

I am hoping to start embroidering more by hand. I was shown this website:

Little Ladybug's Creations: May Freebie! Crosses of Ryan & Tarah BOM Block 1

and don't you agree that it's beautiful! :) I can't wait to see the rest of her blocks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, we are in Wisconsin, and are currently "between residences".  Still have the house in Iowa but it's "for sale" and are living in an apartment while we look for a house to buy here in Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee).

Anyway ... I saw this chipping sparrow in our front yard in Iowa a few weeks ago .. meant to share it with you before, but better late then never!

Also saw this Lady Cardinal .... :)

Today for Mother's Day we were going to visit the Milwaukee Zoo, but it was crazy busy, and so we changed our minds and went up to West Bend to Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area and took a walk.  Here's a picture of my boys on the walk.  :)
 Here's another.  We saw this really cool moss covered rock by some trees that had fallen over, bending other trees in the process.  Couldn't resist doing a trick shot .. even though it's not perfect, the boys are smiling, and that's good enough for me!
 Rob and I saw these flowers at the end of our walk.  I don't know what they are called, but they sure are pretty.  If you know what they are called, leave a comment, I'd sure like to find out!