Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Videos Videos PO and more Videos

Well, today so far I've been doing a lot of video work, both personal and work related.

I started the day my usual way with taking a look at facebook while I ate breakfast and reading my email, and then I was going to capture the homeschool group's Share Fair video so that I could make dvds and deliver them this weekend.  I got sidetracked a little by work related video/training/cd burning .. but that didnt' take too long .. but I do still need to put in my time on the timesheet for that .. anyway ... after that I did get the video captured and I have the movie rendered .. now just need to render the dvd files, and burn a half dozen copies. Then I have to remember to bring them with me this weekend! :)

The boys and I dropped off the earnest money at the realtor, and then went to the PO and to the library.  Does anyone else end up taking more out of the library than they return to it? lol.  We had only a 1/4 bag full to return, but we have more than a bag full coming home!  The boys got some books, some Nintendo Power magazines, and graphic novels ..and I got a biography by Marie Osmond as well as some Taste of Home magazines and a Mary Mary cd .. and a couple of other books which I had placed on hold.
Not sure we'll get time to read all of what we got, but we love books, so I suppose we might.

I'm going to try to finish the Share Fair DVDs this afternoon yet, and then hopefully get a little sewing or knitting/crochet in tonight .. probably knitting, as I recently picked up a project that had been sitting .. it's sort of a shawl/cardigan ... Hopefully it will look better after it's blocked, as I'm not really liking it right now. :(

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