Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Confession . . .

My confession - I didn't actually get any knitting or crochet or sewing done last night. I did do some reading :) We watched Dancing with the Stars finale and a Stargate SG! and a bit of Wheel of Fortune .. reverse order that :) .. anyway .. It was an ok night... Had Farmer's Delight Pasta .. better on mashed potatoes, but I don't have any potatoes, so pasta it was .. that's pasta, ground turkey (or beef or whatever), cream of chicken soup, a little water, can of corn, and cheese. Everything's better with cheese.! I usually add onion or garlic in some form as well.

Today is home inspection day. Our appointment is at 3 pm I'm anxiously watching the clock, and I think it's stopped! While dh and the inspector are doing their inspection thing, I'll be videotaping through the house so that I can show my parents and sister etc the house layout, and I'll be putting down room measurements so that I can plan out where I want to put the furniture, etc.

I've been working on home videos and work videos today as well .. more home then work, but it all needs to get done.

Such a gloomy day today .. rainy and windy and not May temperatures! .. going to be cold going outside.

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