Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finishing UFOs

Lately I've been trying to finish up some of my quilting projects that are waiting patiently for me. I alteast want to get them to the "top" stage so that I can give them to my local quilt guild and give them as a charity quilt for someone who could use a quilt.
These first couple of photos are of some blocks that my friend Kasey gave me. She loves to clean out her sewing room by shipping ufos and wips to me :) I love equally much receiving them! Boxes from her make me feel like a kid in a toy store.

These were in a baggie of the same style of blocks, all with different fabrics. I've made these two small baby quilt tops, and the rest I'll set aside. I have a vague idea of making the remaining 3 blocks into a bag or something similar.

This next quilt top was a set of 11 blocks, plus the 12th block was nearly complete. Of these 12, 3 of them had a different, darker, tan as the "background" so I removed those from the set and used just these 9 to make a charity top for perhaps an older child or a lap quilt for an adult. I have vague plans for the remaining blocks to be put into either a table runner, a tote bag set, or both! :)

Can you tell which block was the one that I had to finish before putting on the sashing and cornerstones?

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