Monday, March 7, 2011

Absent :(

Sorry I've been absent lately.. It's been kind of hectic. Of course, that's always the reason. I'll give you some eye candy today though. Some projects I've recently finished.

The first few pics are of some crochet dishcloths / hotpads that I've done using ball-ends of cotton yarn.

Camoflage :)
This one is the same cloth as the next photo, but it's reversible, with a different texture on both sides.
Coaster with smaller balls. :)

The following picture is of a shawl that I made using a super saver skein of RedHeart (red) yarn that I had in my stash and wanted to use up.  I added white and black strips and edging to make the red yarn go further and make a larger shawl.  This was given to a very dear woman who could really use extra hugs.  Please say a prayer for her when you think of this shawl.

I'm making two more shawls similar to the red one trying to use up some of my RedHeart yarn.  One is Paddy Green and Pale Yellow .. even stripes .. and the other is a multi colored yarn ..   The crochet stitch I'm using is called "lemonade stitch" .. and I really like it! :)  You can find instructions for the stitch by clicking here.

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