Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bandera Trip Birding

I was recently in the Bandera, TX area and took several Bird photos.  I am posting some here, but you can see all of the photos in my facebook album here.

I'll tell you what I think they are, but please comment if you know something I don't, or even if you have an opinion of any kind on these photos! :)

These are ducks or geese .. really, I don't know .. the bill looks "duck" to me. It's possible these are snow geese?

 Another mystery duck.  I've been trying to find an ID using an online bird ID webpage and my Golden Field Guide, but I haven't really come up with anything.  Perhaps a whistling duck os some kind?

Here are some really interesting ducks.  Again, I think it may be a whistling duck, but it doesn't match the photos I've been looking at.  The "black eye" (it's really brownish in color) is very unique.

Here are some geese or ducks .. another mystery ... these birds really made me feel like I know nothing about birding IDs.

Very interesting Geese ... A variety of colorations .. Believe it's a Muscovy Duck.

There were numerous of these grackles around.  I believe they are Great-Tailed Grackles because of the females, which I didn't get a picture of.

Mourning Dove - sorry for the blurry pic .. it's taken from a video shot.

Turkey Vulture. Saw lots of these and Black Vultures (second pic) as well.

I think this is a starling .. but not sure. Pic is from a video again .. that's why it's blurry.

Some type of hawk in these next couple of photos.

I believe this is a Great Blue Heron .. didn't get a very good look at it .. but fairly sure on this one.

More of the mystery geese ... Someone help!  I do believe the leftmost and the white one are Brown Chinese Ducks (most certainly the left most one is)

Wild Turkey!

 My first thought on this one was Mocking Bird ... but it doesn't quite fit the white patches of a mocking bird on it's wings... help appreciated.

Swans .. wish I could figure out what type.

Cute squirrel pic :)

Northern Cardinal

Mystery Duck again .. possibly a Coot or a Black Duck ?

Sorry for all the non-IDs ... wish I had more knowledge about these.

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