Saturday, January 2, 2016

HPKCHC Owl Proposal

Just in case you all are interested .. Here is my long term project (2-3 months) for the House Cup .. It's called an OWL and part of the requirements is to get approval before starting (so that it is following the rules and will be eligible to earn points for my house.)

Name: Spice2s
House: Gryffindor, Pride Kneazles
OWL and option: Astronomy – Option 3 Pattern Writing
Description of Proposed Work: 
 I am going to design and create a lace sampler cape. My design is inspired by this pattern, but will be my own rendition of it and will be longer.  I will be using Red Heart Boutique “Unforgettable” yarn which has a luster and sheen to it that reminds me of the effects of the full moon’s light on a forest glade. The color way is a green/purple variegation which emphasizes this effect. I have 6 skeins of this yarn (1680 yards (2806)) and will be making the cape as long as this amount of yarn will allow me to with a minimum of 1500 yards used.

Sequence & Points of Consideration:
I have completed my swatch with size 8 circs (bottom 1/2 of swatch) and then switched to size 6 (top half) and like the fabric obtained with size 6, so will stick with this size needles. Challenges I discovered while knitting the swatch is that since this is a roving yarn with very little twist to it, it untwists easily and then becomes very weak and pulls apart.  I will need to watch this to make sure my yarn stays twisted and strong.  I also notice that it likes to slide off my tension finger ( I wrap the yarn around my forefinger to gain tension) and so will be a little fiddly to keep re-wrapping to keep it in the right position.  I will begin by casting on at the neck with a garter stitch and then starting a section of lace design. After this section of lace will be a divider of garter stitch, and then a different lace design for a section. I will continue in this manner down the length of the cape. I will factor in slits for arm holes and will use i-cord or ribbon for closures at the neck. The bottom of the cape will have a garter edge as will the front edges. I will provide the written pattern when finished.
Proposed 50% Mark: Use of almost 2 3/4 skeins or 275g / 750 yds. I believe this to be an accurate ½ point measurement.

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