Friday, September 24, 2010

How do I keep my hands busy?

So on the drive out to NY and CT, I needed to do something to keep myself busy in the van. Here is what I accomplished on the first half of the trip.

I was crocheting lots of coasters and washcloths and whatever you want to call them. They are easy patterns, ones that I can do without a written pattern in front of me. I was also using up scrap ends of yarn. Those small balls of yarn that are leftover from the larger skein and won't make a full project by themselves. Some I spliced together before crocheting, and some I just added in as I was crocheting.

There are advantages to both methods. If you splice the ends before starting to work, then there are very few ends to weave in at the end. However, if you add as you go, then you'll have the ends to weave in after you've finished the crocheting.

What's your favorite method of joining small balls of yarn?

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