Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deck Saga continued.....

So, we are attempting to get the deck cleaned and put on a layer of sealer before the freezing weather hits.

We do have the deck entirely empty and spray washed! yeah!

And, we have almost all of the deck railings sealed. The last two days we've been working on that. When it gets to 60 today I will go out and finish the railing, and do the steps that we don't use much.

The rain's been holding off, it's been dry, but the temps at night are getting well below 50F, which I'm sure will slow down the drying time considerably, but that's life. We put this off for so long, now we are trying to rush to get it done.

It WILL get done, just give us a couple more days of 60-70 deg F weather, and we'll be finished!

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