Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rob has a new toy.

So my hubby Rob has a new toy. He was having quite an enjoyable time with it this week. He bought a .. get ready ... a power washer! lol.

He's been thinking about it for awhile, but finally caved in and bought one. I was a little amazed actually, usually he takes much longer to purchase something.

Anyway, he got it,and immediately had to try it out, and so now we have two clean squares on our driveway! I didn't realize that it was so dirty, but after he used the power washer, you can certainly tell the difference!

After that test, he decided it was past time to give the deck a wash. We haven't washed or sealed it in probably 10 years, so it was definitely time.

Here's some before and after pictures. See if you can tell where he washed and where he hasn't yet!

Deck BeforeDeck After

Deck BeforeDeck After

Deck BeforeDeck AfterDeck After

We haven't finished yet, as you can see, but you can sure tell where he's worked already! Hopefully he'll get some time when it's above 50 deg F so that he can put the sealant on as well.

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