Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Antique Quilts - For Sale !!!!

I've had two old quilts for many years .. over 10 years I think.  I bought them at a garage sale.

I'm offering them for sale.

Details: Well, my 5 ft 5 inch son is holding them above his head they are about a "full" size.  Although I'm sure they aren't the standard measurements.

The whtie one has bleached feed sacks on the back... you can see the faint outline of a few of th eemblems that didn't quite bleach all the way out.

If you are interested, leave a comment or contact me by email. (tmskquilt at mchsi dot com)

As for price .. I'll accept anything reasonable .. so let me know what you think they are worth! :)

1 comment:

lynne said...


i have no idea what would be reasonable...i really love the second one though, and would entertain buying it. i would want you to set the price though, and then i would consider it ;o)

i was also VERY happy to see the next post was about the zipper!!! i am gonna go take dh stuff at work, he is taking me out to lunch but when i get back--zipper time here i come!!!