Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sewing Mending and Basketry

Well, I've been fairly busy this last week or so, doing everything and nothing at all. Do you ever feel that way?  I'm always doing something, and the time goes by, but I don't seem to get other things done.  like cleaning, it doesn't get done very often around here, I'm just not very good housekeeper.  We aren't swimming through garbage or anything, we keep things fairly well picked up .. trash goes out, as does the recycling ... however the dusting and vacuuming doesn't get done often.  Ah well, I never said I was perfect.

One thing I did do this past week or so was to make some of our ratty fraying wash cloths look a little bit nicer. "Neater" anyway.  No more frayed edges.

 I left one 'undone' so that you could see the difference. It feels a little weird to have the bound edge, but atleast the cloths will last longer and we don't have strings hanging off of them.

I saw a few birds the other day as well ... here's a few pictures.
European Starling
I think the one on the left is a female House Sparrow.

Also saw this pair of White Crowned Sparrows.  First time I've seen these!  Ever!  Aren't they nice ? 

This past weekend I went to a Women's Expo at Southside Alliance Church in Sheboygan.  It was a smaller affair than I'm used to, but it was very nice.  I attended two small workshops in addition to the main speaker, and learned about Legacy of Clean 'green' cleaning products, and learned how to make this basket.

Isn't it cute!?

I absolutely loved making the basket.  I think I may order some reed and make more baskets.  It was pretty cool! :)  I searched online and found these places that seem like good suppliers.  - in Michigan, but there is no minimum to get the wholesale prices. - in Michigan as well - similar to Noresta in prices - in WI.  Actually only about an hour or so away from where I'm living now, but their online prices are slightly more than the other two places.  However, they do offer classes.  So it's a good place to know about.

So .. what do you think?

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