Friday, December 23, 2011

Things I've made . . .

Here are just a few pics of what I've made recently ....

Gifts for our cat, Peaches
The balls are plastic practice golf balls, which I cut a slit in, then inserted a jingle bell, and then crocheted around it with a bit of scrap yarn,  the knot is a 3"x 11" piece of fabric, folded in half, sewn and stuffed and then knotted.  I thought about buying catnip and inserting it, but our cat doesn't seem overly thrilled with catnip, so I didn't bother.
At right is the stocking I made for her.

The above is the basket I made for my mom.  It's basket #5 for me. :)  I think she liked it.

 These are hats that I made for a Secret Santa program in a nearby town.  Hopefully they will help keep three people (kids and adult) warm.

Below are photos of items I made for a online group's secret santa exchange.  I don't think she's opened the package yet, so I'm still hoping she will like them.

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