Thursday, April 12, 2012

March Photos Catch-Up

Sorry I've been so lax.  Here is a series of pictures I meant to share in March.

 Above is 2/5 of the Three Cords celtic knot quilt I've been working on. :)  It's looking really good in the photos I think.  Below you will find other blocks that I finished in March.


I saw the very first Cardinal in our yard as well.  I didn't see his mate, but she was proably around somewhere.

And of course the ever present House Finches

Some more pictures of the Cardinal.

I looked out one day and here was an interesting sight.  Two rabbits that live in our yard eating under the birdfeeder with a mourning dove and a grackle.  Nice they can get along! :)

My ds2 and Peaches. He took this picture himself.  I think he did a good job.

The following picture I'm goign to add a caption to ... "For me?"

We drove the Marina in Port Washington and saw this Merganser couple.  If I remember right, there was another pair as well, but they were too far out and I couldn't get a picture of them.  This is a 'first' sighting for me, I think.

The gulls were fighting over fish... typical!

Even though gulls can be sort of a nuisance, I still think they are magnifiicent creations ..

A beautiful Robin, celebrating spring. :)

This is the first time I have seen a woodpecker eat thistle seed.  In IA they always went after the suet.  Here I have this feeder with thistle seed in it, and this female Hairy (i think) woodpecker seem to enjoy it.

And I'll leave you with another picture of the woodpecker, accompanied by a house finch.

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