Friday, April 6, 2012

Today, on Good Friday, I planted.

I've heard it was good to plant potatoes on Good Friday.  So I did that. I planted two more approximately 4 ft rows in the garden, without a tunnel this time.  I also went ahead and planted some summer squash. Three hills of that.  We'll see if they get froze out or not.

The things I planted under the tunnel a month ago (or was it just a few weeks ago?) are doing ok.  The potatoes have a few real leaves on them, the radish is up (I thinned that a little today) and the peas are up.  I even saw a marigold seedling or two. 

Other planting I did was to plant some seed disks that we received from my SIL Sonja.  I put these in a big round pot that we purchased for our front porch area.  I also threw on some other seeds, I think marigold and morning glory. 

We also purchased a couple of smaller square planters for the back patio.  I had enough dirt to fill two and a half of them.  I planted these with seeds as well, using up old seed.  Nicotiana, Marigold, Petunia, Daisy Garden" to name a few.  We'll see if they sprout! lol.  Figured I should use what I have instead of just buying annuals at a store.

I ALSO started some seeds downstairs on my light stand.  I am actually kind of late for that, but I did it anyway.  I planted tomatoes and green peppers.  Again I used up my oldest seed, and I still have plenty of seed left!  I planted rosemary, dill, basil, and ? .. can't remember for sure.  The zinnia I started in the greenhouse that Joel gave me got put in a slightly bigger pot.  And the basil I had started just before New Year's I also potted up into larger pots.  My fingers are still dirty, probably should go wash them! lol.

So I did a lot of planting today .. What did you do for Good Friday?

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