Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HPKCHC - two more classes done!

So today was a slow day at work.  I had time to get some crocheting done.  I decided to use the time to finish two more projects for the - HPKCHC class projects.

This is for Flying November 2015 - It is a magic flying carpet to take me to the TriWizard Tournament. (a dishcloth in muggle life)

After I had finished the "flying carpet" I still had a bit of yarn left.

So - on to the next class which is Defense Against Dark Arts November 2015.  The assignment was to practice the "kill" spell.  You could either "kill" acrylic (which is a method of blocking acrylic, which is different then blocking wool or natural fibers).  OR you could "Kill" some leftover yarn.  I chose to kill the yarn leftover from my Flying assignment.

So now I have two new dishcloths.  Pretty aren't they?

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