Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Irritations & Delightful Neighbors

So, one of my biggest irritations is that when ppl start a bottle of water or g2 or N2 or whatever, they drink part of it, leave it on the counter, and then tell me that they weren't the ones that left it there and that it belongs to someone else!  This is an epidemic in my house and it bugs me almost as much as mosquitos!

I've created a law .. no one can drink from a bottle unless they have their cozy on it! .. so .. I made a couple really quick cozies for the boys ..

We were in the middle of the move from the apartmenet to the new house so I didn't do anything fancy .. but the boys should be able to use them... so I won't get bugged anymore! :)

Also - Here's a special picture of some neighbors that welcomed me and the boys the first time we came to the house to unload out items into our new house... :)

 I don't see cranes often, so they were a very welcome sight!  I wasstanding in our driveway, looking out over the backyard, across the county highway and they were in the field there ..  we have seen them one time since then as well .. so I'm glad ... they are very cool birds!

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