Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My yard .. birds & flowers and trees and ...

Here's a virtual walk for you.
Pictures I took both from inside the house and walking outside in the yard.

Cedar Waxwing

Mourning Dove

E. Starlings

House Sparrow

 This young robin was calling for it's parent to feed it... every few minutes there's a squak .. and it would look around .. I think it's still calling .. lol .. Not ready to search for worms on it's own .. guess it will just have to be hungry until mom or dad come with a worm!
 This is what I see when I look out the bedroom window .. beautiful view to wake up to in the morning!
 Garden from the North side.. the previous owners had lettuce, onions, and potatoes already planted!  It was a bit weedy though.  They hadn't had time to weed it .. and I don't blame them .. it's mine now! :)
 Garden from the South side ... the boys and I weeded ( mostly me, but the boys did help some yesterday) and while we were weeding we found volunteer tomato plants, so we've left those.  Hopefully they will grow well.  I'll probably plant some summer squash and cucumber after I get my seeds from Iowa .. and maybe purchase a green pepper plant or two this week ...   :)
 Found this on our southern border today ..new discovery!  I cut the open flower and brought it into the house.
 Potentilla ... love the contrast in this picture from the leaves to the flowers to the red lava rock ...
 This momma robin was yelling at me as I walked in the front yard ... wouldn't go far either... so I checked.. and she has eggs in her nest ... you can see one newly hatched robin as well ... precious new life! :)  (Click on the picture to see it larger ... )
 And below .. lots of different pine trees in the yard ... This one has very weird .. something ... growing out of it... I'm assuming that is it's cone or seeds .. anyone know the type of pine this is?
Hope you enjoyed that little walk ... come visit us in person! :)


Tara K said...

I was told that the pine is a White Pine :) -Tara

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Pulled out my Wisconsin map to see where you are. I have family that has property about that far up but they are more central...Boo Hiss! I thought maybe a partner in crime when I go up for a visit.
Love seeing the pictures and the gardens look good.
Anna in No. IL