Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we did a lot of travel. Since dh was driving, I did a little bit of crochet. First we traveled from WI to Indianola, IA.

First I started with trying out a new stitch I saw Wednesday night on a recorded episode of Knit & Crochet Now! It was a crochet cable. I made a pillow front using the stitch, and it turned out pretty neat. Of course, it's too small for the pillow I intended because I didnt' measure before I left and the pillow wasn't with me in the car!

While at Indianola we did a bunch of yard work at the house. Trying to keep it looking nice for potential buyers. Please Please Please let the house sell quickly! The yard got mowed, the weeds are pulled from the driveway, and we cleaned more out of the basement and loaded the van down so that the basement looks bigger and more open. Then it was time to drive to Thompson, IA .. so we could attend an Oleson/Escherich Reunion in Mason City on Sunday.

I finished the pillow back while at my parents on Saturday & Sunday. Also on Saturday and Sunday I took two sport weight skeins that I had (partial skeins) and put them together to make a baby hat and a snack mat. Or I suppose it could be a doll's blanket.
On the way back to WI on Monday, I grabbed another sport weight skein of yarn from the back of the van and made a baby's hat, and started a second one .. but I ran out of yarn on that skein, and decided to put the crochet on hold for the moment .. I'll finish the second hat with white sometime .. this week hopefully! maybe today?

My friends at One Stitch At A Time really like embroidery, and it's been a long time since I got out my embroidery floss.  I used to do quite a bit of cross-stitch, but haven't picked that up in a long time either!  They've inspired me to do a little bit.  I had some flour sack towels in my stash, so I took one, and traced this birdhouse design on it ... and well, this is what I got done yesterday .. just a bit of green for the wood of the birdhouse... not bad fo rnot having done it in awhile! ... :)
Well, I'm off for now.  We are going to the first activity of the Ozaukee Homeschool group ... I joined the group (it's basically an online forum) a few weeks ago, but today they have a field trip activity for the kids to do archery/boating/candlemaking/disc golf .. and Joel would love to do some archery, so I decided to sign us up.  It's at a local campgrounds/retreat center called "Jewish Community Center".  I suppose it's a lot like the Methodist church camp back in Indianola. I think Seth is coming too .. hopefully the boys will have fun and I'll get to meet some of the moms .. ..

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