Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Linda Lael Miller Book Series

Have you ever got to reading a book series, and wanted to read the whole series, so you end up with 20 books on hold at the library?  No? .. Well, I admit it, I have 20+ books in my hold list at the library, and most of them are Linda Lael Miller books. 

A friend of mine got me started on the McKettricks series.  The books are:

McKettrick Series (reverse order - start at the bottom chronologically)

 • McKettricks of Texas: Austin 2010
• McKettricks of Texas: Garrett 2010
• McKettricks of Texas: Tate 2010
• A McKettrick Christmas 2008
• The McKettrick Way 2007
• McKettrick's Heart 2007
• McKettrick's Pride 2007
• McKettrick's Luck 2007
• Sierra's Homecoming 2006
• McKettrick's Choice 2006
• Secondhand Bride 2004
• Shotgun Bride 2003
• High Country Bride 2002
I've read High Country Bride, Shotgun Bride, and Secondhand Bride.  I have Sierra's Homecoming ready for me at the library and McKettick's Choice and many of the others in route to my library. (Our library system has like a dozen libraries which are connected and you request any book from any library to be brought to your nearest library for you to pick up.) 

I also have some of the Creed series in my hold list.  As well as My Darling Melissa which is one of the first few books she wrote, which I believe is totally unrelated to either McKettrick or Creed series.

You can see all of her books listed here.

In the meantie, I'm also halfway through Brisingr of the Eragon series .. and I have the 2nd 3rd and 4th books of Robert B Parker's    Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch Series.  I enjoyed the book Apaloosa, but not so much the movie.  These three books are actually due in a week, so I really need to start reading if I'm going to finish them and move further into the McKettrick series. 

So many books, so little time!

What's your favorite book at the  moment?

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peridotquiltmama said...

I love reading series books when I find a good series. Thanks for the recommendation. Dian