Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading Reading Reading

So I checked out over 20 books I think .. can't remember.. several are redy to go back.  I suppose there were a few dvd's among that checkout list .. but only a few.

This weekend I've read "Resolution" and "Brimstone" in the Robert B Parker "Appalossa" series.  Good books.  A little dry .. very western .. but they are keeping me interested enough to finish the series .. I have started the last one "Blue Eyed Devil" ... should finish it tomorrow I would think.

As for the McKettrick series .. I read "A McKettrick Christmas" which was a story about one of the kids which appeared in one of the first three books.  Since the others in the series appear to be more decendants of the ppl in the first 3 books, I figured popping up to this one would make sense chronologically. 

What have you read lately?

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