Monday, November 21, 2011

Special Olympic Scarves 14 & 15 !!

Well, my Special Olympic Scarf making is coming to an end... I've completed number 14 & 15.

#14 is made with crocheting a long chain - of any number 4x + 1 ... then ch 1, sc in 2nd chain from hook, *ch 3, skip 3 ch, sc in next ch* to the end where you sc in the last ch or sc.  Here's how  14 turned out.  I did this the long way on the scarf. Every other row I changed colors.
 Here's 15 - it's the same basic pattern, only I did it the short way ..
I don't have enough yarn for another whole scarf, but I suppose I might get scraps from one of the other people in my group working on these.  I do have 3 granny squares plus a small ball of the blue. May save these for our next charity project - not sure.

So far, in our box ready to go are -
15 by me (I purchased 8 skeins, and received mom's leftovers)
2 by FH
4 by mom (Mom purchased 4 skeins)

and I know others are working on finishing theirs .. atleast 4 more that I am pretty sure will get finished.  We do have another month before we can mail these, as Wisconsin Special Olympics wants them sent after Jan 1st, but get there before Jan 21st.  So I'm aiming to mail these by Jan 4th.

I'm thinking for every 2 skeins, you can get atleast 3 scarves from them.  So from the 12 skeins that mom and I purchased, we got 19 scarves .. almost 20 (19 1/2) if you count the granny squares I have left over.

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Tara K said...

Just a quick correction. While I was cleaning ds2's room this morning, I found another of my skeins of blue yarn. So, mom & I made 19 scarves out of only 11 skeins. Not sure if I'll take the skein back or if he'll be able to finish the scarf he started, but I'll make that decision in late December to give him time to complete what he started.