Friday, January 13, 2012

Quilting and Snow

Lots to show you today, so it will be a picture heavy post.  Enjoy your walk through my ... life :)

I got a new thermometer for the backyard, and a set of two birdfeeders last weekend.  It is put on a hook thing that my dad made (several years ago).  My dad has been very good to me :) This pic was taken as the snow was starting yesterday morning.
 I worked on a bit of quilting.  The following photos show my process through taking some dresdan blades that someone had given me, and making them into something useful.  It's very much a "use it up" project, as the blades don't match, and the background piece is a poly blend, and I used small scraps of batting.
one piece quilted

second piece basted

Quilted & Trimmed neatly
Starting to come together . . .
It was meant for Peaches, but ...
She just doesnt' seem interested in it, . . .
 So I've taken it for putting behind me on the couch :)  You snooze you lose! :) lol.

Here's some pictures of the yard as the snow was starting . . .

 And here's the red scarf I finished last night.  This is for the Grafton Hospital.
 The following are pictures from this morning.
Beautiful Mourning Dove.

Another Mounring Dove

 Don't know if you can see, but something walked through our backyard last night.  Not sure what it was, possibly a deer?

New Thermometer set up ...
 Isn't it pretty with the dogwood bush behind it? :)

So hope you enjoyed your little "walk".  Comments welcome!


peridotquiltmama said...

Love the pics of the snow. We get so little snow here in this part of Texas. I lived outside of St. Louis for a short time and I loved the snow. I have some Dresden blades also, just waiting for me to do something with them. lol someday....

Anonymous said...

beautiful yard! great to see you guys last weekend.

Tara K said...

definitely great to see you. :)