Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Special Olympics Scarves 16 & 17

Okay, well, ds2 did not finish his scarf, we ended up unraveling the 12 inches or so that he had done .. but that means that I had more yarn to use, so I went ahead and made up two more scarves .. using some of the yarn ET had given me and the skein that ds2 had.

So here is my scarf number 16 - it's granny squares .. I had some leftover from my earlier granny square scarf, (Hey that was #6 - this one is 16 .. kind of neat!) so I just made some more to finish this one off.

And my number 17 is another lemonade stitch scarf like my number 4 scarf and like my number 13 as well.  I love this stitch, it's very fast and gives a nice texture.
Our knitting and crochet group has one more meeting this Thursday before I mail the box on Friday.  I may even try to mail it on Thursday if I can squeeze it in between the meeting and ds2's piano lesson.

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