Friday, July 29, 2011

Special Olympics Scarf #4

I so like the Lemonade Stitch!  It's so fast! :)

I've finished Scarf #4 and started on #5 ...

Scarf #4 is a Lemonade Stitch with a simple chained double border.

Scarf Number 5 is knit ... and I'm still on skeins 3 & 4 .. so I choose a bit of a lacey pattern, although I don't know how much that's going save on yarn .. .
I'm doing a k2tog, yo across .. with k2 borders for the red .. and the blue is just knit across ... alternating every other row again so I don't have to weave in so many ends.  I think I may try to make up a pattern for 2012 in colorwork of some sort .. I may have to play with that now that I have a few simpler scarfs finished .. maybe something more of a challenge .. I like the easy fast patterns, but sometimes it's nice to challenge yourself as well ...

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