Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Olympic Scarf #2

I finished my 2nd Special Olympic Scarf.

 This 2nd scarf was a simple stockinette in blue - 19 stitches across on size 11 needles .. and then I added a red single crochet border to help it not curl so much, and of course tassles at the ends. :)  This went really fast because I didn't turn at all during knitting, I would knit right to left like normal, and then instead of turning and purling, I just knit left to right ! :)  I love how the knit-backwards technique I learned at Charity's in Altoona IA came in so handy for this one .. made the project must faster!

This is the 3rd scarf started ... I had to break out the 2nd skein of blue for this one. But still working on the first skein of red.  I'm using a variation of Grandma's favorite Dishcloth pattern  .. I co 4 stiches and then each row is "k2, yo, k across" at the beginning, until 19 stitches across, and then it's "k2 yo k2tog, k across".  Alternating blue and red every other row .. so all of my carries are on one edge and I will only have a couple of ends to weave in, and not tons !  I just have to remember to pick up the other color every other turn!  It's a little slower going then my 2nd scarf.

Here's a birdie I saw this morning in my front yard :)

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