Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Olympic Scarf #1

Hey ! I finished a scarf last night .. it's crochet based off of the Winter Royal Set pattern.  I cast on 171 stitches with a K hook, and that was something like 70 inches, which is too long.  So to solve the problem and not have to start over from the beginning, I folded each end over to make a pocket.  Now it measures 60 inches like it's supposed to.

 I have also started a second scarf .. of my own pattern, although it will be a very simple pattern.  I'm using the navy and I cast on 19 stiches onto size 11 needles.  I'm just doing a stockinette stitch, slipping the first stitch in each row.  At the very least it will have red tassels on the ends .. but I may put more red in the stitches as well .... we'll just have to see! :)
I'm sure the knit scarf will take longer then the crochet scarf, but knitting doesn't take up as much yarn for the same size item either .. so we'll just have to see .. I may just alternate .. do a quick crochet scarf, then a knit scarf ... It's possible I'll try to put "2012" on the scarf somewhere .. duplicate stitch would work .. or could work it into the stitches themselves .. we'll see.

I'm not good at making the same thing over and over again, so I'll also be doing different patterns for each one.  Got any suggestions?

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