Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lavendar Lemonade

Lavendar Lemonade .. actually sounds kind of delicious! :) lol .. unfortunately .. I'm not talking about a drink!

I started this shawl/baby afghan last year (I think.  It was several months ago anyway!) and well I ran out before I could make it a rectangle!  Since it was Red Heart and they have "no dye lot" yarn, I figured I would buy another lavendar skein and finish it up.  Well, the no dye lot is a great theory .. but I wish it worked better!

As you can see, the skeins were NOT the same color ... the one is definitely a different shade then the others ... I completed the edging in the new skein as well.

What do you think? ... should I tear it apart? make it smaller but keep it all the same color?  Should I leave it as is?  I think I'll give it to a baby/child's charity .. as I have no need for one this size anyway ...

When life gives you two colors in a "no dye lot" yarn .. make lavendar lemonade! :)


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