Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Special Olympics Scarf #5

Wow .. I can't believe I've finished scarf #5 already !  I'm really on a roll .. I figure I'm half done with 6 as well, but let's show you #5 first.

This one is co 18 ...  .. a slightly lacy look :)  I kind of like it :) I really like it actually.

I then started making some crochet granny squares for Scarf #6.  I will edge and join them in blue.  The yarn skein & ball that is next to the squares are what's left of Skeins 3 & 4.  I think I'm getting my money's worth! *grin*

Well, it's raining, and I'm caught up with work for the moment .. so I may go and see what I can do with my sewing area.  Perhaps I'll have a sewing show and tell for you soon.

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