Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raisin Bread = Torture

Who else believes that fresh baking bread is torture ?  I mean, for the last hour of the bread machine cycle, you smell this delicious smell, that steals into your brain and makes you want to eat hot fresh bread right NOW! But you have to wait !  and the minutes tick by so slowly! ... and then it finally beeps .. and you get to take the bread out of the machine .. and you have to WAIT .. again! ... Wait a couple of minutes for it to be cool enough to get out of the pan and onto a plate .. and thenyou have WAIT AGAIN! .. wait for it to be cool enough to cut .. well, we didn't wait very long to cut it .. I just tried to do it very carefully, actually, we cut off the "muffin top" and basically tore it in strips so that we could eat it right away ...

Minutes after it's out of the machine, and this is the state of the loaf .. sorry I couldn't get the camera fast enough to get you a picture of the whole loaf .. another 10 minutes and there might be only crumbs left!
I wish this was smell-o-vision .. because I want you to be tortured too! :)

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