Monday, August 15, 2011

What's Up ? meow !

I haven't been updating my blog again :( .. bad me .. bad me .. lol ..

We've been busy I guess... doing different things .. I haven't been working on the Special Olympics Scarf much, but Joel did this free-form piece ...

We've had a few bird visiters as well ..

 Also a gopher .. thing he's going into the sump pump pipe .. Not the safest of homes for him .. but he doesn't listen to me!

The boys started homeschooling... Seth is taking Latin in addition to his 5 basic courses and Joel is doing homeschool on the computer for the first year.  Seth enjoyes it, and Joel .. well, he's doing better now then he did the first few days .. it's an adjustment. He'd rather be on his bike or out exploring.

My sister and her family came to visit for a weekend ... and we did some things with them .. including going to Harrington Beach State Park.  The kids enjoyed seeing the lake and getting sandy and wet ... they didn't bring their swim suits, but had fun staying at the edge of the lake.

(my sister took this one)

Joel went diving up to his armpit and found two bricks  ..

After they left, we went to church, and then to the Wisconsin Humane Society: Ozaukee Campus in Saukville, WI, and got a cat!  She is 8 years old and her name is Peaches.  She's really sweet and she likes being around us, although she doesn't like being picked up much.  She does love laying on laps and plays with a few of her toys occasionally.  The vet gave us a couple of toys, and one of which was a little fabric knot with catnip in it.  She didn't pay any attention to it at all .. so I guess she isn't susceptible to catnip!
Well, dont' know what else to say for now .. Leave a comment! :)

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