Monday, February 6, 2012

More Progress

A couple of days ago I finished this .. using just small balls of scrap yarn . . . a baby hat. knit on #7 dpns from the top down.

Over the weekend I also finished this hat from sock yarn and #7 dpns from the top down.  Different style of increases ...and then I increased too much and had to do a drastic decrease .. but it's kind of cute.  I really like the blue / green varigation.

I have enough yarn to do another slightly smaller hat.

I was also able to sew block #24 on the Three Cords quilt yesterday ..

I sewed it together with 5 other blocks to make the 6-pack that goes inthe upper left corner of the quilt ...
I think it's turning out quite well! :)

Yesterday I also laid out block #20 . . .
And this morning I sewed it together ...

I will be laying out block #3 yet today before I go to the CGBSD PTO meeting. Maybe sew that block tomorrow.

I wonder if dh will let me buy a mid-arm quilting machine so that I don't have to struggle to get this quilted.  It's coming along so nicely that I'd love to be able to do the quilting part justice instead of having to struggle with rolling it up and doing such small sections at a time.  I can hope, right? :)

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