Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Cords - or Celtic Knot Quilt

I actually finished sewing block #16 today! yeah! :)  Here is a picture of it attached to block #2 that I had sewn previously. You can see only part of block #2 on the left.
 Below is the layout for Block #24 which will go to the left of block #2.
As you may see there are 3 holes that I need to fill with a 2 1/2" white square.  I ran out of what I had cut, so I will have to go find more white fabric in my stash and cut some more.  It's amazing how many creams I have instead of white/off white ... and this quilt needs white/off white.  I'm using the back side of some fabrics, but in others, that doesn't work so well.

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