Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birding in WI

Well, I went to lunch with my dh and we went to a overlook of Lake Michigan that is near where he works in Mequon. We'd thought we'd see if we could find some ducks. 

 These were closest to us as we stood on top of the cliff, but I couldnt' identify them.  I had only brought my least powerful binoculars, and could have used the more powerful ones.
 These were even further out than the others.  Not sure what they are either.
It wasn't a total loss though.  The Lake was especially rich in colors .. from deep blue and turquoise with the tan being mixed up by the wind.  Very pretty.

After dropping dh back at work, I drove up to Port Washington and found South Beach Parking lot.  It's got a great view of the Peregrine nesting box, but I didn't see any peregrines today.
I did see a pair of Bufflehead ducks though.  They are new to me! :)  Very neat diving ducks.

These pictures are taken from a video on our HD camera.  I'm afraid they aren't very good, but atleast I was able to identify the Buffleheads from the stills I captured.  :)

At home today, I've seen a couple of birds as well.

Again, not great pictures.  I keep hearing the Cranes as well, but never see them.  I'm hopeful though, maybe I will see them someday soon.

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Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

Every night before we go to bed we hear Canadian Geese fly over our house - my hubs and I think they are heading home for the spring and summer :)