Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update . . .

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  I guess I've been busy! lol.

Last night dh & I went to a Bird Club meeting at Riveredge Nature Center in Saukville/Newburg, WI.  It was very nice.  We saw a presentation on the Peregrine Falcon and it's comeback in WI.  The presentation was given by Greg Septon of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program.  This is one link that talks about him and his work.  Here is another link by the WI public television talking about him as well.

This morning was the first Keepers At Home meeting at Alliance Community Bible Church.  I think for a first meeting, it went very well.  We are hopeful that the women who came today will invite a friend next time, and we'll have even more women to fellowship with.

Over the past week or two, I've done a few things.  Here are some pictures.

In February I had finished another quilt block for that Scrappy Celtic Knot "Three Cords" Quilt.

 I also was doing a cabled fingerless mitt pattern.  I decided I would adjust the cable pattern to make a baby hat as well.  Here are both pictures.

In March we had our first big wet snow.  Can you believe it?  We actually shoveled the driveway three times in less than 12 hours.  Here are some pictures from this time. Click on a photo to see them larger :)

Mourning Doves

These branches are very thin and the snow was very thick!

House Sparrow

I caught this goldfinch by accident as I was trying to photograph the sparrow behind it. 
Not a great picture, but a very interesting one! :)

Female House Sparrow

Slate Junco

Either a House or Purple Finch

Slate Junco

A ? Finch and a Goldfinch

I love the layers to this photo. The shadow behind .. etc....

This bush was very interesting in the snow as well.

Mourning Doves a day or so after the snow.

These are baby hats I knit & crocheted.

Hats from NH & FH for the Grafton Hospital

Today, we had 60+ temperatures and a warm wind.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I wish I would have gotten out for a walk, but I suppose there's still time if I want to go here shortly.  The rain that was forecasted hasn't arrived yet, but I suppose it will eventually!  I opened the windows for the first time this year and look, Peaches was sniffing the air! :)
Sorry for all the photos .. but it is a Months worth of show and tell! :)

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