Monday, June 18, 2012

Birds @ Sheboygan, WI

This past weekend, we went to see the gulls and other birds at the Sheboygan Lakeshore.

Most of what we saw was Herring Gulls and Ring-Billed Gulls.  Atleast I believe so.  If you know differently, please tell me! I'll label each picture here for what I think.

Herring Gull

 Herring & Ring-Billed Gulls

Several male Mallard Ducks with a gull or two in th emix.

 baby Mallard's

 Ring-Billed Gull

 Ring Billed Gulls

 baby Mallards

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I think it may get framed .. we'll see . ..
I know it's an immature gull, probably Herring or RingBilled, but can anyone tell me how to tell which one?

Ring Billed Gulls, the center one is probably a Herring Gull.

Herring Gull

 Same Herring Gull

I believe the larger one is a Herring Gull, and the smaller ones are Ring-Billed.
This photo gives a nice comparison of the two gulls.

 my hubby :)

 RedWing Blackbird

Mix of Herring & Ring-Billed Gulls 

Red Wing Blackbird.
This bird was interesting because when he's ont he ground, you couldn't see the red, but when he flew, it was clearly visible.  I was thinking this may be because it's still fairly young?

Following are pictures that were taken just north of the gazebo area at Sheboygan.  These are either Bonaparte Gulls or Little Gulls.  My book says that Little Gulls are more common in this area in summer.  Also - these could be juveniles or still in winter plumage  - when Little Gulls have the gray caps and black ear patch (even though it is well into June!) Please comment if you know which they are!  They were in a group of about 6 or 7 gulls.  Now that I look at my book again - the Bonaparte's are also supposed to be grayish heads with a darker ear mark when immature .. HELP!

Killdeer :)

The group of the Bonapart/Little Gulls, with a Mallard or two.

One of the best shots I got of these gulls.

I defintely welcome comments.  I haven't seen either a Bonaparte or Little Gull before, so if I could get these correctly identified, then I will be able to add it to my list.

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Tara K said...

I have one reply that has told me that they were probably Bonaparte Gulls because Little Gulls are generally just one or two at a time. Also, these weren't flying, but if they were, the Little Gulls would have a moth-like flight. Thank you PF!