Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent Quilting & Crochet

Last week, on the due date, I took in a challenge piece that I submitted to The WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts.  They were selling 1/2 yards of a particular fabric (the strawberry print one) and then the challenge was to make something using a noticeable amount of that fabric.  I opted to make a bag.  I love bags. :)

My bag is called "Messed Up on the Inside". 

back of bag

 front of bag
This block is actually a pocket.

Close Up of freehand quilting on back of bag.

If you want to see the challenge entries, they are on display at the quilt museum.  I know they will be displayed for sure this weekend June 23-24, with the viewer's choice awards taking place then.  Vote for me! :) lol

I also took in some crocheted water bottle holders for them to sell in their gift shop. They will be listing them at $3 I think.  So very reasonable, and it keeps your water a little cooler, and keeps the condensation from dripping all over everything!  They also have handles so you can hang them from a bike handlebar, or your lawn chair arm, or on your belt even! :) 

On Sunday, after seeing the gulls (in the previous post) I spotted this Sandhill Crane in a field a couple miles north of our house.  Isn't it a beauty? :)

 I'm purely facinated with Cranes :)

I have recently added the hummingbird feeder outside.  Here is one of the first visiters.  This was yesterday evening as the sun was going down.  They are very hard to get a picture of, but DS2 got a decent silhouette! :)

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