Monday, October 1, 2012

More Misc from September

Here's a selection of photos from the month of September ...

Nothing that can make you smile more than a curious cat with her nose into everything! :)

Of course, she also has to try out every seat, especially if it's in the sun!

I was driving out with Rob one Sunday - and we saw this Cormorant in the pond by the entrance to our subdivision.  My first cormorant! :)

This woodpecker, I can't remember where I saw it .. but probably somewhere in Ozaukee County, WI.

The first Blue Jay for our yard. There was actually a pair, but they didn't stay where I could photograph them for long.  I was VERY lucky to get this photo!

At the same time the Blue Jays were catching my attention, the other birds were busy taking turns on the bird bath.

These are some Canada Geese off of the South Beach in Port Washington, WI.

Coming home that same day, I saw this bow and arrow in the sky.  It's funny because Joel and I have started bow/arrow shooting .. "archery" I guess the correct term is.  We have a target and are doing target practice.  We have the requisite bruises on our forearms to prove it! lol.  The string tends to catch both of us in the arm.  I have arm guards on order, so we should be protected by the end of the week!

A bunch of baby hats and booties that I made from one skein of yarn. Also included is a premie baby afghan as well. (All items are from 1 skein - and that little bow like thing is the remains of the skein!)

A couple of hats I made while I was in IA helping mom out.  So, these are actually August knitting, but I took the picture in September, so "what the hey! :)"

We had an early frost which killed all my tomatoes.  So, we picked all the green tomatoes of any decent size and without too many blemishes .. and lo-and-behold .. we found a tomato shaped like a heart!  :)  Love it!  Even when I'm upset by a very early frost .. God finds a way to make me smile !

Occasionally Joel likes bake up something.  Here is an apple cobbler that he made from a Peach Cobbler recipe found in one of my cookbooks.  He did it all by himself, I didn't even watch him!  I think he did a great job.  Tasted good too!

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