Friday, December 21, 2012

Birding after a Blizzard

We have had snow the last week.  Most recently the last couple of days have been yucky with rain, heavy wet slush and heavy wet snow.  We finally have clear skies this morning and shovel the driveway for the last time (for awhile anyway).  After we finished the driveway this morning, I decided to go fill the bird feeders since I've let them sit empty for way too long.

I got my buckets of seed, and walked out through the snow (and frozen slush) and find that a couple of the feeders are pretty iced up, and I just took those down to bring into the garage to thaw a bit.  The one feederis a wooden platform type .. so I was able to knock off enough snow and ice to make it still usable, and filled it up with Sunflower seed.  I was hoping the birds would find it.  I hadn't seen many birds in the yard for a month or more (empty feeders .. :(   )

They did! :)  Here are a few pictures from today.

First I saw the Black Capped Chickadee.  Even caught one in flight.  They are fast birds, and hard to get a good photo of because they dart here and there very quickly!

To see the pictures bigger - just click on one.

Then I saw some Mourning Doves....

More Chickadee :)

Then I discovered the Juncos had found the seed as well!

 More Chickadee action.

I think the following few pictures are of a American Goldfinch.

Another shot of a Junco.

Here is a Mourning Dove and what I think is probably a female finch..House Finch maybe?

This one I had to look up, but I think it's an American Tree Sparrow. :)  The bi-colored bill I think is the clincher for this ID. (you can see it bigger if you click on the picture)

I can't remember if this following picture is the American Tree Sparrow or if this is a different bird. 
Most likely it's a American Tree Sparrow .. but if you think differently, let me know by commenting!!

Another photo of Chickadees on the feeder.

A closeup :)

Last - a chickadee in the bush/tree.

Hope you enjoy :)

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