Tuesday, April 19, 2016

First Garden Bed Planted

First garden bed is planted for this year. I am going to try to document what I do here in my blog.  If you like seeing my progress (or lack there of) please comment.  It will motivate me to keep taking pictures and posting what I do in the garden.

In this picture from left to right are planted a mixture of two different sugar snap peas, cherry radish, parsnips, and deep purple carrots. It is divided in quarters approximately with the peas and radishes in a broad spread and the others in three rows each. The hoe is placed between the radish and the parsnips.

Here are the seed packets that I used.  The peas had been left in the garage and gotten wet so that the package was damaged, but I figured I'd try to seed them and see what happens.  The other packets I only used part of the packages, so I can do another seeding with them later or next year if I'd like to.
It feels good to get seeds in the ground again.  

I was going to seed beets too, but I ran out of prepared space and time.  I will see if I can go out another night this week and get one more small bed planted with some of the beet varieties I have.  

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