Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Pictures #2

Catching Up.  More April Pictures.

Here's a grape hyacinth that came up.  This is one of a handful of bulbs that I brought from Iowa.

 The following is a flowering crabapple tree outside our house.  Pretty isn't it?

Waves on Lake Michigan :)

Some hats that I took to the hospital in Grafton, WI.  The ones on the left I made; the ones in the center were made by FH and the ones on the right were made by NH.

My first harvest this year - some radishes I had under a plastic tunnel.  The tunnel didn't work as well as I would have liked.  Potatoes that I planted under there haven't done as well as others that I planted later and outside the tunnel.  May have to rethink the tunnel or just use it at the end of the season to protect from late frost .. we'll have to see.

Here's Joel helping make supper one night.  We had shake n bake chicken (homemade flour coating).  I cut up the chicken, and then Joel did the shaking and placing on the stoneware pan.  It was fun making supper with him. :)

A cute picture of Peaches :)
 White Crowned Sparrow.
 Mourning Dove.

 Some daffodils and grape hyacinth.  This is a group that I brought from Iowa.

 A pair of mourning doves with a pair of white crowned sparrows.

This is the site outside my bedroom window.  Love the flowers on this bush in contrast witht he red leaves. :)

We have a baby rabbit.  It's about 1/2 grown now ...

New bed I put in the wood chip area.  I have since transplanted a "Big Moon Pumpkin" and a "Dragon Gourd" which I had started in the house in a 1/2 a toilet paper tube.  They are doing well so far.

Here's some cards that I made for a women's group meeting.  I borrowed some punches from NC to do the bottom two. 

Finally, I crocheted this dishcloth.  The pattern is from here.

That does it for the April Pictures! :) Yeah!

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