Saturday, January 5, 2013


Look at this beautiful sunset just before Christmas.

Joel made Peaches a little Santa Hat to match the one that I had made him a couple of years ago.

This post is Peaches heavy I hope you like cats! .. Here's one with diamond eyes.

I made a triple batch of Crouquets this year. Rob's food request for Christmas and his Birthday which is two weeks after Christmas.  We rolled approximately 120 of those things! There's still some inthe freezer! We'll be having a few today, but there's still a package in the freezer!

The boys were thrilled as always for Christmas Presents. Can't you tell?

I made a few Christmas Yarn items .. two coasters and a dishcloth here .. gifts to give..

I think Peaches had the most fun on Christmas Morning. She played with this jean seam from my sewing stash (this was slated to be thrown away, but Peaches gets to play with it first.

She really got into looking in her Stocking .... What's in there ?

Really, What's in there? Can I see?
 Oh wow .. new mice!

Lots of new mice :)  She was playing all morning with her new mice .. and we didn't have to throw them for her, she was throwing them herself! lol. It was really fun having a "little kid" in the house again.

When she got tired out, she liked sitting on the wrapping paper .. Peaches .. unwrapped!

Are you sure there isn't another present for me under this tissue paper?

I finally got a few things taken to the hospital .. a shawl and a few baby hats/booties .. I hope to do more soon.

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