Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Day Birding

Have I ever told you how wonderful my husband is?  :)  Even though he's not really into birding, he went birdwatching with me on New Year's Day! :)  Here's some of the photos.

A few photos from the yard birds...

These first two photos are of a House Finch.  However, it's a first fo rme, because it's orange!  I didn't know that they came in red and orange... so this is my first orange House Finch.  Kind of neat, uh?

 A common red House Finch

 Here's a Blue Jay.  I don't often see them in the yard, but this one stayed around long enough for a photo .. even if it isn't a great one!
 DH and I headed up to Sheboygan to see what we could see at the Marina there.  There were some ducks .. Mallards, of course, they are always there ... but also a bunch of Common Goldeneye ... Those are a new bird for me too .. In this first photo - it may be a Merganser on the left .. not sure though .. If you know .. please let me know! :)

I think there's a couple of Buffleheads in this photo .. see the white heads?

 Back home here is an American Tree Sparrow.

And a Black Capped Chickadee.

I saw a total of 17 birds on New Year's Day.  I figured that's pretty good since my year total was 27 for 2012 ... I'm not THAT avid of a birdwatcher .. But perhaps I'll see more birds in 2013 .. Here's Hoping!

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