Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sewing Knitting Crocheting & Painting.

So I've done a little bit of sewing recently. Just last week I made 11 small drawstring bags to send to Mongolia with some vitamins that my church collected. What do you think?

I also finished knitting this scarf with some really weird yarn which was like large open airy lace.  I used the loops on one long edge to knit with .. and it turned out like this.  I think I may send it to my niece if she still wants it.

I've also made some coasters.  Mostly crochet, but there's a couple of knit ones in there.

I was also inspired by Kelly Gau to start doing a little painting / decoupage .. She's very talented .. to check out her blog- click on her name - to check out her facebook page - click here .  Here's my first attempt .. Would really like feedback on it.. What do you think of it?

I started a second canvas .. but I'm still looking for a verse to put on it .. Perhaps one that says "deeper than the oceans .. " .. but have to find the verse first! :)  Any suggestions?

So that's me for the last week or so .. How's YOU?

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