Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lavendar Knit Hat

A night or two ago I finished a knit hat.

Its more of a beany style .. I can't seem to knit long enough to make it more slouchy .. Ah well .

what do you think? It will probably go on Etsy.


lynne said...

sure do want to get my bag started! the fabrics are all just laying there ready for me to find some time and energy--that is the main thing lacking--i WASTE alot of time--especially on the computer LOL
i ove the hat. you do really nice work tara. your tension is wonderful and consistant all through out. i am sure that it will sell on etsy easily.

Anonymous said...

Well, time for me to get busy on my bag! I really like the fabric you chose :) So now I have some catching up to do. I am thinking of making this bag again for my DDIL with the twins :) The pockets are worth their weight in gold when you have little ones to "carry" around with you everywhere LOL
And super, but I mean super nice job on the lavender hat. That is one my favorite knit colors!