Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tara's Favorite Bag - Attaching Inside Pockets

At Long Last :) .. Here are the photos from attaching the inside pockets to the bag base.

In this picture you see how I have my pockets about 5 1/2" from each side, and 4" down from the top of the bag. I line these up, pin well, and sew (with a even-feed foot) down the sides and along the bottom of each of these pockets. Be sure that the bottom binding of this pocket, is below the binding of the outside pocket. Your sewing machine will thank you for it!


Lydia's Garden said...

You my dear lady are hard act to follow! Love the new pics and am loving this bag to pieces! Thanks for the great detailed pics! Makes it easier for me to envision when sewing mine :)
carmen in -20 Alaska Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

lynne said...

yes, i agree with carmen, it is nice to have these pics on your blog in addition to the written directions pages. it sure does encourage me to get this done asap! i want mine in more that just a pile of pieces LOL

carmen, don't be a hater, but it was a nice balmy 75 degrees or warmer here today in southern california. anytime you are ready for a little vacay, you are welcome to come stay with me ;o) bring stitchery projects and we will sit on the porch in the rockers and stitch and sip mint juleps and chat the day away--while we soak up the warmth of the sun--doesn't that sound divine???? oh, and since i am posting this on tara's blog, we will invite her too and she can bring her knitting ;o)

Tara K said...

Well, thanks Lynne! I would love to come and meet you. My parents are in Arizona now, and I told my dad that he is not allowed to tell me the temperature there anytime it is higher then here in Iowa :)