Friday, January 21, 2011

Tara's Favorite Bag - more on Handles

It's come to my attention that maybe my directions on laying out the handles made more sense to me then it did to you *grin* so ...  I will show you a slightly different way to lay out your handles.

First lay your purse base flat (on the floor, on the table - anywhere you have a little room to work).

Lay your handle strip on top of it so it looks like this:
If you are using this layout to test the length of your handle, then just determine how much loop you want on each end (this will be the part that you hold onto or put over your shoulder), and cut it to the length you desire. Then continue with the stitching)

If you already have your handle to length and have stitched down the entire length of it, then you can mark the "middle" by making the "circle" of the handle flat, and then putting a pin at each end.  These can be your "middles".  You will then lay your handle on your purse, and put these "middles" in the middle of the purse between the pockets as seen here: (it's kind of hard to see the pins - :(  )

You want to put your stitching right on top of the stitching you did to secure the pockets .. I've folded back part of the handle so you can see how you should line the stitching up.  Your second line of stitching will be "outside" the pockets. 
So, better?  A little more visual atleast.

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