Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

I'm going to be sharing with you a project that I'm working on. I'm going to be sharing the pattern with a yahoo group called One Stitch At A Time. They are a great group of ladies, and I really enjoy being part of their group. A lot of the time I just sit back and watch. For now, I'm going to be actively leading in this pattern.

The pattern is called "Tara's Favorite Purse" and it is just what it sounds like, the purse that I make for myself to use every day. I use it every day, I don't make one every day .. lol.

I've chosen my fabric:

And I basted the base (1/2 yard of quilted fabric is the main requirements, along with some extra for binding and handles. Don't forget an 18" zipper!)

Here are the steps I used in basting.

I prefer to baste using binder clips when I can. Masking tape can be very temperamental, and come undone when you least want it to. I use the binding clips on the edge of the table, and then use masking tape for the remaining sides.

After I get the backing laid out and slightly stretched (not too much, just a little bit.) I lay the batting on top and smooth it out, then cut it to be the same size as the backing. You can wait and cut it just a bit bigger then the top if you'd like, I trimmed this one before I put the top on. For this project I found a small piece of bamboo batting that I had leftover from a previous project.

I then lay the top on, smooth it out, and start pin basting.

On a smaller piece like this, I do not close the safety pins, because they are a pain to open while you are machine quilting. If it's a larger piece, you will want to close them, because the risk of them falling out before you get to an area is greater then the pain of opening them.

I haven't quilted in years (2 or 3) so I was a little intimidated, but it's like riding a bike, comes back to you. Must be that "muscle memory" they talk about. Anyway, I chose to do a meandering pattern for this. Although I may rethink that, as my thread keeps breaking! I loosened the tension, I changed needles, and it's still breaking. So, I am going to take a break and get back to it later this afternoon or even tomorrow. I may just decide to do a mixture of straight line and meander quilting. It's my purse, so it doesn't matter, and it'll be artistic, right? :)

Here's how far I got . . . .

Will you join us in making this purse?

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